Made in Italy: Quality and Innovation

The close link between the territory and our products, and our natural inclination to innovate are the peculiar features of Azienda Agricola Principe Pignatelli. Our continued search for regional autochthonous cultivars and our compliance with regulations ensure that the whole production process is constantly under control, so that our oils and preserves are always of the highest quality.

Innovation has always been a trademark of the Prince Pignatelli farm: we upgrade traditional processing methods, reach in history, through the use of state-of-the art technology. We have transformed the historical Monteroduni farmhouse, the facility at the center of our production process, into a modern structure based on biological construction principles, while respecting the pristine environment by which it is surrounded.

The ICEA biological agriculture certification, the Molise Name of Origin Controlled certification and our catalogue, which includes preserves and dressings where olive oil is the main ingredient, illustrate our industrial policy, i.e. enhancing as best we can our main product, olive oil, showing how it can be used in combination with other Italian traditional products such as truffles, porcini mushrooms, lemons. These products are the emblem of Italy’s ancient gastronomic tradition and the symbols of a Made in Italy excellence that is appreciated all over the world.