Molise Rosso

Montepulciano Of Molise D.O.C. – Prince Pignatelli Red Wine

Molise Rosso D.O.C.: This wine is made selecting the best of Montepulciano grapes. This wine has a very intense ruby color, fruity and lightly spicy notes and taste of wild berry and cherries.
This wine is perfect with ham and smoked cheeses and red meats.


Falanghina Of Molise D.O.C. – Prince Pignatelli White Wine

Falanghina del Molise Xaatuis: This wine has a great aromatic complexity, an intense yellow color, taste of fresh flowers and vanilla.
With a soft but persistent aftertaste, it is excellent with appetizers or fish.

Tintilia of Molise

Tintilia of Molise D.O.C. – Prince Pignatelli Red Wine

Tintilia del Molise D.O.C.: This wine made from the autochtonous of St. Martino in Pensilis Molisano vine and it is obtained by selecting only the best Tintilia grapes. The Tintilia wine has an intense ruby color, with a wild berry and cherry taste and with a licorice and black pepper aftertaste.
This wine is perfect with cold cuts, cheeses and red meats.