Privacy Policy

Data Protection Code (Law Decree 196/2003) and your agreement on data treatment

Dear Client, Azienda Agricola Principe Pignatelli di Monteroduni Srl Privacy Protection Policy is about the collection, use and dissemination of personal data that you have provided by your own free will.
Data are treated on the basis of fairness, legality and transparency principles, and principles relating to the protection of confidentiality and of the rights of subjects entitled to such rights.

Below please find the communication that, in compliance with Art 13, Law Decree n. 196/2003, we must provide you.
We also kindly ask you to give us your consent to use your personal data for the following purposes:
a. Uploading data in our database to answer your information and/or service requests;
b. Filing and keeping your data in order to ensure the appropriate effectiveness in case of subsequent contacts and/or requests;
c. Issuing of invoices and completion of regular and VAT bookkeeping documents by Azienda Agricola Principe Pignatelli di Monteroduni Srl.

You are free to provide us your data; however, please be aware that by not providing data or by providing partial or incorrect data, it may prove impossible for us to provide you with the requested services and/or information.

Data that may be subject to treatment are essentially personal identification data and possible telephone reference numbers. In case you should provide sensitive data, we would like to inform you that such data will be treated according to modes provided by in the Privacy Code with reference to data subject to specific protection procedures, in compliance with Articles n 4 and n 20 of Law Decree n° 196/2003.

Data treatment will be performed manually (for example, on paper forms) and/or by computer and telematics tools, through data processing and storage modes in keeping with the above-mentioned purposes and, in any case, so that data and communication confidentiality are ensured in accordance with current regulations.

We hereby confirm that Azienda Agricola Principe Pignatelli di Monteroduni Srl, being entitled to process data, implements all measures and procedures needed to ensure security of such data, in particular with reference to provisions at attachment B to Law Decree 196/2003- Technical Regulations applying to Minimum security Measures.

Data may in some cases be treated by Third Parties, located in Italy and/or abroad, to whom Azienda Agricola Principe Pignatelli di Monteroduni Srl entrusts some of its activities, totally or in part, in order to provide services which entail your consent to treat such data. Third parties and agents through whom we may decide to act will be given operational instructions, in particular with regard to the adoption of appropriate minimum security measures aimed at guaranteeing confidentiality of acquired data ant their security.

Please be informed that you have the right to access your personal data as well as avail yourself of the rights you are entitled to according to Art. 7 of Law Decree 196/2003 at any time. You can also request to be informed about the data source as well as request that data be amended, updated or integrated, or cancelled and/or stopped in case they were treated against the law, or you may deny their use for legitimate reasons, to be clarified through a specific request.

Consent to the treatment, dissemination and communication of personal data
By accepting the present conditions, you agree, by your own free will, to your personal data being treated and possibly disseminated by the Owner of the site to Third Parties, according to regulations and terms illustrated above.

You also declare that explanations about the possible presence of sensitive data among collected data were clearly stated and, as a consequence, you also give your consent to such data being treated and disseminated to Third Parties, it being understood that the Owner is bound to respect all legal obligations to this regard.