The Land

An ideal land for olive farming

An inhabited territory from pre-historical times, the Samnite Frentani and Pentri people who were the first settlers of Molise called the region Samnium. Originally a Roman dominium, it was later on dominated by the Longobards, Normans, Suebians a nd Anjou, until it became known as Molise after the establishment of the eponymous county, in the XI century.

Mostly a hilly area, the region is particularly apt for olive farming, practiced in the whole area from antiquity. Encircled by mountain ridges which define its northern, southern and eastern borders, the interior of the region enjoys a microclimate particularly apt for olive and grape farming. Such geo-morphologic characteristics, together with its ancient farming tradition, make the region an ideal place for olive oil production.

The three thousand century-old olive trees of the Pignatelli Farm grow over a 100-hectars hilly land, 250 meters above sea level, in a ecologic niche characterized by the benign combination of contrasting bio-climatic elements, the Mediterranean and Continental ones.